Join a PSCDA Working Group Today

Last November the PSCDA’s launched our first ever community survey, your chance to weigh in on what you think your association should be doing. The survey provided some interesting results with the top issue identified as local traffic closely followed by parks and recreation facilities. Local development and region wide issues were nearly tied for third place. A variety of people also put their names forward to volunteer, the largest number being for an environment committee followed by parks and recreation.

There was strong support for PSCDA events within the survey, most especially the Annual Community BBQ, however the results show residents want the association to get more involved on policy concerns.

In order to develop this capacity the PSCDA is reaching out to residents to form issues-based working groups. The PSCDA Safety Group is currently active and open to interested community members. The Transportation Group, constituted in 2013, is looking for a new Chair and additional residents in order to tackle local traffic as well as region-wide transportation infrastructure and services. This year the PSCDA will also launch an Environment Working Group to tackle some much-needed community tree-planting and identify other environmental concerns.

PSCDA Working Group are a great way to get involved and make changes in your community without having to make a regular commitment. The groups can meet as little as once per year and are free to identify issues and projects.

Please write to the following groups with your interest today!